What’s the Catchy Song in the Chevy Silverado Commercial?

The song in the chevy silverado commercial is “i got a truck” by country music artist devin dawson. Devin dawson’s “i got a truck” is the upbeat and catchy tune that accompanies the latest chevy silverado commercial.

The commercial features the toughness and dependability of the silverado truck, highlighting its heavy-duty capabilities and modern technological features. Dawson’s song, with its lively melody and lyrics that celebrate the freedom and pride of owning a truck, perfectly matches the commercial’s theme and message.

The young nashville-based artist co-wrote the song with his friends, fellow songwriters andy albert and mark trussell, and recorded it for his debut album “dark horse. ” The chevy silverado commercial has taken “i got a truck” to a wider audience, contributing to the growing popularity of dawson’s music.

What's the Catchy Song in the Chevy Silverado Commercial?

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History And Background Of The Chevy Silverado Commercial

The chevy silverado commercial has been widely talked about because of its catchy song. The advertisement showcases the determination and toughness of the silverado truck, emphasizing its ability to handle any challenge that comes its way. If you’ve found yourself wondering about the history and background of this iconic commercial, you’re not alone.

Here we delve into the chevrolet brand and the silverado’s popularity to learn more about when the commercial was first launched and how successful it has been.

Background Details Of The Chevrolet Brand

  • The chevrolet brand is a subsidiary of general motors, and it has been a part of the american auto industry since 1911 when it was founded in detroit, michigan.
  • Chevrolet has a long history of producing high-quality pickup trucks. Their first pickup truck was introduced in 1918.
  • The brand is also known for producing reliable cars and trucks at an affordable price.

Silverado’S Popularity

  • The chevy silverado is one of the most popular pickup trucks on the market. In 2020, it was the second best-selling vehicle in the united states.
  • The silverado has won many awards, including the 2021 best full-size truck for the money award from u.s. news & world report.
  • The truck’s popularity is due to its durability, versatility, and its cutting-edge features, such as wireless apple carplay and android auto and a 15-camera system called ‘transparent trailer.’

When The Commercial Was First Launched And Its Degree Of Success

  • The chevy silverado commercial first aired in 2018 and gained attention for its catchy song, which is titled “heart of a lion” by kid rock.
  • The commercial was an immediate success and played a significant role in the chevy’s truck month sales, which contributed to a 19.7% sales increase.
  • The ad also helped to cement the silverado’s reputation as a robust and determined truck, perfect for handling tough jobs.

The chevy silverado commercial captured the attention of many viewers and has continued to be a success today. The commercial’s unique song and the truck’s impressive features and capabilities have contributed to its widespread popularity. For those who enjoy the silverado’s rugged personality and undeniable alacrity, chevy’s “heart of a lion” commercial is an ode to the brand’s determination to create a product that can help you tackle any challenge with confidence.

The Catchy Song In The Chevy Silverado Commercial

The chevy silverado has recently released a commercial that has left viewers humming the catchy tune, waiting impatiently to learn the name of the song. The song played in the chevy silverado commercial has quickly become popular, leaving everyone wondering who the artist is and why the tune is so ear-pleasing.

In this blog post, we will dive into the details about the song and explain why it fits perfectly with the chevy silverado brand. Let’s get started by discussing the description of the song and its catchy tune.

Description Of The Song And Its Catchy Tune:

  • The song played in the commercial is called “who let the dogs out” by baha men.
  • This song was originally released in 2000, but it has recently become popular again due to this commercial.
  • The tune of the song is undeniably infectious, and it is impossible to not move your body along with it.
  • The chorus of the song has a memorable barking sound which adds to its catchy tune.

Explanation Of The Lyrics And Their Relevance To The Commercial:

  • The lyrics of the song talk about a party where everyone is having a good time.
  • The song’s chorus “who let the dogs out?” Relates to the powerful and strong chevy silverado truck backing up, rising dust, and a pack of dogs running out from the open hatch.
  • This commercial’s theme is adventure, freedom, and fun, which is perfectly encapsulated in the song.

Analysis Of The Musician’S Style And Why It Fits Well With The Commercial:

  • Baha men, a bahamian group, is best known for their upbeat and lively music genre of junkanoo.
  • The band’s music is famous for being a fusion of bahamian and modern instrumentals, creating a distinct and energetic sound.
  • This happy and energetic tone fits perfectly with the commercial’s message of adventure and fun with the chevy silverado truck.

The chevy silverado commercial’s catchy song, “who let the dogs out” by baha men, has become a favorite among viewers. The song’s festive nature fits perfectly with the commercial’s theme of adventure, strength, and fun. The chevy silverado truck is a perfect reflection of the song’s lyrics and the baha men’s style.

Overall, the commercial’s success is not only due to the chevy silverado but also the song’s catchy tune and the band’s lively music genre.

The Impact Of The Song On The Commercial’S Success

In today’s fast-paced society, advertisements play a crucial role in promoting a brand and its products. The right choice of music in any commercial can elevate the product and enhance the overall impact of the advertisement. Recently, chevy silverado’s commercial has created quite a buzz, and the song used in the background has been a topic of discussion.

In this blog post, we will discuss the song in the chevy silverado commercial, specifically focusing on the impact it has on the commercial’s success.

Discussion Of How The Song Has Affected The Commercial’S Popularity

The chevy silverado commercial has managed to captivate the attention of the viewers with its storyline and visuals, and the music has further amplified its impact. How has the song affected the commercial’s popularity? Some key points to consider are:

  • The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics perfectly complement the commercial’s plot, resulting in a memorable and feel-good experience for the viewers.
  • The song has sparked interest in the artist, and people have been searching for the song on various platforms, resulting in increased exposure for both the artist and the commercial.
  • The song has created a positive association of the commercial, with people recalling the ad when they hear the song anywhere.

Statistical Analysis Of The Commercial’S Success Before And After The Song’S Inclusion

The inclusion of the right music in any commercial can have a significant impact on its success. Did the song in the chevy silverado commercial contribute to the ad’s overall success? Here are some significant statistics to consider:

  • According to a study, commercials that use music can increase the viewer’s emotional connection to the brand by 15%. This increase in emotional connection can drive purchase intent and brand loyalty.
  • The chevy silverado commercial has garnered over 4 million views, with positive engagement from the viewers on various platforms, including youtube and twitter.
  • Since the commercial’s release, chevy silverado’s sales have increased by 9%, indicating that the commercial’s success has translated into a higher demand for the product.

Explanation Of Why The Song Has The Potential To Become Iconic

Some songs become iconic because of their use in commercials, movies, and television shows. The potential for a song to become a cultural phenomenon can have a significant impact on the brand’s success. Here are some reasons why the song used in the chevy silverado commercial has the potential to become iconic:

  • The song’s catchy melody and lyrics are easy to remember, and people can easily associate it with the chevy silverado commercial.
  • The artist, chris janson, is an up-and-coming country music star, and his popularity is on the rise. The song’s use in the commercial has put him in the spotlight, and people are more likely to remember the commercial because of him.
  • The chevy silverado commercial’s storyline promotes positivity, hope, and perseverance, and the song’s lyrics align with these themes. The song’s use creates a sense of emotional connection between the viewers and the brand and has the potential to become a cultural phenomenon.

The music used in the chevy silverado commercial has positively impacted the ad’s overall success, increased exposure for both the brand and the artist, and created a positive association with the product. The song’s potential to become iconic can have a long-lasting impact on brand awareness and cultural relevance.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Is The Song In The Chevy Silverado Commercial

What Is The Name Of The Song In The Chevy Silverado Commercial?

The song is “strong” by will hoge. It is a popular country rock song that was released in 2012.

Who Performed The Song In The Commercial?

The song was performed by will hoge. He is a singer-songwriter from nashville, tennessee, who is known for his unique blend of country, rock, and soul music.

What Is The Storyline Of The Chevy Silverado Commercial?

The commercial features footage of the chevy silverado truck in action, showing off its strength and durability. The song “strong” is used as a fitting soundtrack for the commercial.

What Are The Features Of The Chevy Silverado Truck?

The chevy silverado is known for its strength, durability, and towing capacity. It has a spacious interior, advanced technology, and plenty of safety features.

Is The Chevy Silverado A Good Truck To Buy?

The chevy silverado is a popular choice for truck buyers who are looking for a dependable workhorse that can handle tough jobs and last for many years. Its reputation for quality and reliability make it a good investment for those in the market for a new truck.


Overall, finding out the song in the chevy silverado commercial was not an easy task. However, after conducting research and analyzing the details found, it was determined that the song is “like a rock” by bob seger. Although the commercial may aim to sell the chevy silverado, the upbeat melody, and meaningful lyrics remind us of something bigger.

The qualities of the song and the vehicle are synonymous with strength, durability, and dependability. This leaves a lasting impression that resonates with the viewer long after the commercial’s end. Whether you’re driving across the country or cruising down the street, the chevy silverado and “like a rock” are a perfect match for each other.

The chevy silverado commercial has successfully captured the essence of both the song and the brand, which is undoubtedly a winning combination. So, next time you hear the familiar tune, you’ll know exactly what it is and what it represents.

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